Vision, Mission and Principles

Our Vision

  • We want to create a world where 100 million people become highly self aware and experience spiritual awakening.

Our Mission

  • We will create high quality courses that will help everyone to become a higher version of themselves.
  • We will create platforms where spiritual teachers guide their students to become aware and spiritually awake.

Our Principles

  • Customer Experience - What is best for the customer is what’s best for everyone else. Everything is about the customer experience. Deliver results or make them feel good. Always strive to do both.
  • Laser Focused - Keep the main thing the main thing, eliminate all distractions.
  • Longest-Term Sustainable Success - Make longer-term sacrifices for longest-term sustainable success.
  • Lean & Frugal - Optimize. Quality > Quantity. Stay Lean and Frugal always. Don't waste time, energy or money. (constraints breed resourcefulness)
  • Numbers & Science - First principles thinking, use data and always iterate. Decisions to be made from numbers, patterns and statistics.
  • Go All-In - Commit fully, work hard, take initiative, set targets and achieve them.
  • Question Everything - Conventional Wisdom is almost always wrong. Question everything and find the truth.
  • Full Transparency - Brutal honesty and feedback. No hidden agendas or politics. Full transparency for all.
  • Impossible Is Always Possible - Impossible always becomes possible in time. Take small steps towards the impossible.
  • Win/Win or Lose/Lose - Don't harm others. Help win for others. In return others will help you.
  • Energy is our asset - Focus your energy to the things that matter only. Never sap other people's energy.
  • “Good Enough” is worse than bad - We strive to be the greatest. Never say “Good Enough”.