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The name “Fortune Cookie Wisdom” was established in 2019, but the company had long been “in the works” as a one-man, personal development blog and Click Bank publisher in Singapore.

After 3 years of publishing on Click Bank, the founder had built a team with a track record for producing highly rated manifestation products.

The founder of “Fortune Cookie Wisdom” chose this name on the basis that the universe is full of wonderful small treasures in life. And sometimes the best insights or lessons can come from something as small as a fortune cookie.

We gain wisdom from the simplest words, experiences, or people who live simple lives like Buddhist monks.

One piece of wisdom can be the key to unlock your mind to a completely new understanding.

We believe knowledge gives everyone this opportunity. We believe everyone has a choice regardless of their current reality. Because “current reality” is only a regurgitation of a past manifestation, wanted or unwanted. And we would like to remind you (and everyone) that you have the opportunity to create a new “now” regardless of where you are, or what you’ve already manifested.

After changing countless lives, we intend to move into the millions with our astounding affiliate family.